Social Media Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

18November 2022


Get To Know Your Audience
It is crucial that you learn all about your target audience, including all about their interests, their buying habits, their online behaviors, and their demographic information. This will improve your reach and your relevance.

Participate in conversations started by followers, reply to comments, like and share stuff that followers share with you when appropriate, and reply to direct messages to keep your audience happy and loyal.

Be Active
Keep all your social accounts active to stay top-of-mind. Posting at least once a day, curating content, and interacting with other accounts in your niche are great ways to stay active and relevant on social networks.

Pay Attention To Your Analytics
Always check your performance. The number of engaged followers you keep and the quality of your interactions will always tell you more about how good your social media marketing strategy is than any industry benchmark would.

Use A Consistent Voice
Make sure to use a unique “voice”, or in other words, to keep a consistent message across all your social channels and on your website.

Proofread All Your Posts
Take care of the grammar, punctuation, and tone of each one of your social posts by proofreading everything before sharing to avoid sending the wrong message or looking spammy.

Be Original
On social media, your business is more than a brand, it is a presence, a friend that people can trust, so don’t be afraid to break free from corporate etiquette. Just be original, cool, and different.

Provide Great Customer Service
Some people will contact you through your social channels to get customer service. So instead of forwarding them to your customer service channels, provide them with support right away.

Listen To Your Followers
Track the conversations that your most fervent followers are having online. Check mentions of your brands, and listen to feedback. That is the best way to implement changes that will help you improve your brand’s image.

Keep an eye on newer trends and adopt formats if your audience finds them engaging. For example, if your audience starts favoring podcasts, then start creating and promoting podcasts on your social channels.


Don’t Spam
Don’t spam the newsfeeds and timelines of your followers with recurrent promotions and direct sales posts.

Don’t Post Too Much
Limit the number of posts you publish per day. Posting too many times a day, every day, will only make your followers consider disliking or unfollowing your social account.

Don’t Be Irrelevant
Don’t post content that is not relevant to your audience or content that doesn’t represent your brand. That can only damage your account’s reputation and authority.

Don’t Beg For Interactions
Don’t ask users to like or share your content. This is an outdated strategy that can lower your brand’s authority.

Don’t Post On Every Social Network
Creating a social profile on every possible social media site doesn’t improve your reach. For example, if your products are targeted at young adults with kids, then you don’t have to create a Snapchat account. Just focus on social networks where it makes sense to build a presence for your business. 

Don’t Push Controversial Issues
It is ok to leverage memes or trending topics from time to time to increase conversations around your brand. What is not ok is pushing controversial topics such as political issues or tragic events to express your worldview through your brand. This is not professional.

Don’t Mislead Users
Avoid practices such as using click-bait headlines to get people to check content that they might not be interested in, or masking web addresses with fake URLs.

Don’t Publish Text-Only Posts All The Time
Text-only posts get stale quick, so make sure to always include images, infographics, short videos, GIFs, and link previews with the majority of your posts.

Don’t Argue
Never get into confrontations with users, either on public comments or private messages. Instead, answer professionally, be assertive, nice, and humorous.

Don’t Buy Engagement
It might be tempting to pay for artificial engagements, but know that this strategy doesn’t build a social account’s relevance.

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