What is Social Media Marketing All About?

20December 2022

Social media marketing is a recent online marketing trend initiated by companies and individuals that realized the potential of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as powerful marketing and advertising channels.

More specifically, social media marketing is the process of using social media sites to promote products, brands, and businesses of all sizes.

Social media marketers leverage aspects of social networks that facilitate interactions between companies and users, including instant messaging, social interactions such as likes, shares, and virality.

Social media marketing strategies are simple to execute because they usually generate an instant response. An example of a common social media marketing strategy is a company that sets up an optimized profile on any of the big social networks to start composing updates that are also optimized to generate organic reach.

The outcome of this strategy is that the company that created the social profile to run the optimized updates will start getting followers in a matter of hours. A good percentage of those followers will convert into referrals, brand ambassadors, as well as into customers down the line.

Given these results, it is no wonder why agencies and businesses are flocking to social media. Social media marketing is cost-efficient, and it produces quick results.

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