Social Media Marketing Best Practices

7March 2022

Define Your Theme

Make sure to create a specific theme that your brand can stick to. More specifically, you need to develop a “look and feel” that is unique to your brand and that can help users know what to expect from your brand on social media.

Developing a theme includes picking a typeface that you’ll use on all your media, a combination of colors, developing a set of digital assets such as logo watermarks, and creating props such as a mascot.

Avoid Unnecessary Trends

Marketers love to leverage trending topics or viral stories under the false impression that it will generate exposure, but taking part in a viral challenge or sharing a viral image that has no relation to your business can hurt your brand, badly.  You should also avoid using internet slang or terms unless it makes sense in the context of your brand. You risk looking out of touch with your target audience, and you also risk getting unfollowed.

Research Your Target Niche Or Industry

You already know that knowing your audience is crucial, but so is knowing your target niche or industry. By closely monitoring your target niche or industry, you will know what type of content you can feed your social followers, what keywords you can target, and what type of customer decisions are taking the industry forward.

You can monitor your target niche or industry by following news sites, niche influencers, and industry leaders.

Follow Your Competitors

Your competitors can be a better source of information about your audience than you can imagine. Also, by following them, you can contribute to conversations in their social channels, boosting your presence.

Use Technology

Technology can make it easier to manage your social media marketing efforts. There are several platforms that offer social media marketing solutions that include multiple account management, social monitoring, automated post scheduling, A/B testing, and analytics.

By implementing these solutions into your overall social media marketing plan, you’ll free up time that you can dedicate to growing your business.


Marketers have learned to think about advertising as cheating, but nothing could be further from the truth.

It used to be easy to build an organic reach on social networks, but market saturation, privacy concerns and technological changes have made it difficult.

Most social media sites offer affordable built-in advertising solutions. For less than a dollar, you can generate a qualified click on Facebook, and so on.

If you want your social media marketing efforts to provide you with faster results, then don’t be afraid to advertise content from your social channels.

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